Integrating Acrobat Connect Pro

Connect Pro can help you increase your productivity and do more in less time. Below are just a few examples of how you might use Connect Pro as part of your everyday job.

Faculty & Staff Enhance audio teleconferences with PowerPoint presentations, chat, collaborative note taking, whiteboarding, etc. Bring guest lecturers into our classroom without incurring travel expenses. Record and re-use the content for all of your classes, this semester and beyond.
Faculty & Staff Streamline team communications by including remote employees or vacationing colleagues in committee or team meetings.
ITS Help users without leaving your desk by using Connect Pro for remote desktop support. Improve customer satisfaction by helping customers troubleshoot problems more effectively.
Project Management Drive Issues to resolution faster and more effectively by bringing decision making units together instantly.
Eastern Online Faculty Augment Blackboard online courses to enhance collaboration and communication with your students

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