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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro web conferencing makes you more productive. With Connect Pro, you can collaborate more effectively with collegues, committee members, students, and external guests by sharing documents, notes, applications, and much more. You can also use Connect Pro to present ideas and information by augmenting your audio conference with PowerPoint slides, moderated discussion, or application sharing.

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Getting Started with Connect Pro

Connect Pro Meeting Quick Start Guide
Before scheduling your first Connect Pro Meeting view the Quick Start Guide to learn about key features, terminology, and how-to's.

Connect Pro Meeting Reference Card pdf
Download and print this two page PDF to use as a desktop quick reference to complete the most common tasks in Connect Pro.

Sign Up for an In-Person Training Session
Instructor-led training sessions are available for you to get trained on how to use Acrobat Connect Pro. If you would prefer to train yourself, you can use the resources in the Connect Pro Basics section below.

Connect Pro Learning Resources
View a Breeze Meeting Simulation Connect Pro Resource Center new window
Visit the Connect Pro Resource Center on to access a complete library of on demand training to learn the basics of how to use Connect Pro. Then, once you're ready to take your knowledge to the next level, learn from the pros by reviewing regularly updated best practices and tips and tricks.

View a Breeze Meeting Simulation Connect Pro User Guide (HTML | PDF)
Get to know Connect Pro by reviewing product documentation. Search through an HTML version of the document to find what you need or keep a PDF on file to use as a desktop reference. new window
The official community site devoted to Higher Education users of all levels who are using Acrobat Connect Pro and Adobe Presenter. On's Higher Education Community you'll be able to participate in community forums, and keep up to date with all the latest Connect Pro News.

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Login to Connect Pro

1. Go to Requires Login

2. Login using your Eastern email address: [username]

3. If you do not know your password, click on "Forgot My Password" on the login page
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