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What is Acrobat Connect Pro?
Acrobat Connect Pro allows you to host live, on-line meetings from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a web browser with the Flash Player installed and an Internet connection. A meeting can have as few as two or as many as 100 attendees.

Using this technology, you can conduct online meetings, virtual classes, and group collaboration where you can share a wide range of content, including Microsoft PowerPoint slides, live and recorded video, Flash movies, live screen sharing, application sharing, audio, and multi-user text chat.

How do I get a Connect Pro Account?
Contact Kevin Gill at x5-5793 or

When should I use Connect Pro?
You can use Connect Pro any time you need to share your desktop with others, take collaborative notes for a team meeting, or share a piece of content with somebody else who is in another location. You should always include a Connect Pro URL when you are hosting a meeting with remote attendees, or any time you set up a conference call.

How do I login to my Connect Pro Account?
Once your request for an account has been approved, your login for your Connect Pro account is just your Eastern email address and a temporary password that will be sent to you by email. When you login for the first time, you will be required to change your password.

What if I forgot my Connect Pro Password?
Note that your Connect Pro password is not the same as your Eastern email/network password. If you do not remember your password, or have not yet set your password, please see the Unable to Log In page.

Whom should I contact if I have a problem with Connect Pro?
For assistance with Connect Pro issues, contact the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) . Most issues are resolved by CIT staff, but if they cannot resolve your issue, they can contact the Adobe support team.

What software do I need to participate in a Connect Pro Meeting?
To participate in a Connect Pro meeting, all you need to have installed is the Adobe Flash Player, version 8 or later on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris. The Flash Player is already installed on over 98% of internet connected computers worldwide so you and your meeting attendees will not have to install any software prior to attending the meeting. For detailed system requirements, go here:

What software do I need to host a Connect Pro Meeting?
To host a Connect Pro Meeting, you will need to install a lightweight plug-in called the Connect Add-In. The Add-In allows you to upload files, share your screen, and have improved Voice-over-IP for meeting audio. The Add-In is available for Windows and Macintosh users. You can download and install the Connect Add-In on the Connect Pro Downloads page popup. You can test to see if your computer is ready to host a meeting by testing your meeting connection popup.

Do I have to recreate my meeting room every time I want to use it?
No. Once you create a meeting room, it exists until the you delete it. Your meeting room is available 24/7 always at the same URL you assigned the room. Many people create a "personal" meeting room with an easy to remember URL that they can share via an instant message or over the phone for instant, ad-hoc meetings.

Does someone have to be an employee or registered Connect Pro User to attend my meeting?
No. Only the meeting host needs to be an Eastern employee. Once the meeting host arrives, s/he can allow outside users into the meeting. Non-employees or non-Connect Pro users will be asked to enter in a Guest name, and you will be prompted to accept or deny their attendance.

How can I get trained to use Connect Pro?
You can take a self-paced training, you can begin with the Getting Started with Connect Pro presentation.
These are both linked from the front page of the Connect Pro Portal. If you want to take more in depth product training, you can visit the Connect Pro Resource Center popup on The Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) also provides Acrobat Connect Pro training on request. Please contact CIT: or call x5-1248.

How can I troubleshoot problems I have with Connect Pro?
There is a Meeting Troubleshooting Guide available with commonly encountered issues and troubleshooting techniques.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend a Meeting?
Yes. There is a limit of 100 total people in any one meeting. This number includes the host(s), presenter(s) as well as all participants.

Where can I get all the latest plug-ins for Connect Pro?
For a list of great Connect resources, and the latest plug-ins, check out the the Connect Pro Downloads page popup.

What types of files can I share in my meeting room?
You can upload PowerPoint (PPT), Flash (SWF), Image (JPEG), or Flash Video (FLV) files from your computer into a Share pod. These files are then also uploaded to the server and can be accessed in future meetings. PowerPoint files are converted to Adobe Presenter Presentations (SWF files). If you update your original PowerPoint file, you must re-upload the file to get the new changes. If you would like to share other file types such as Word Documents you can simply open the document on your local computer and share your desktop.

Can I create a Meeting on someone else's behalf?
Yes. Simply create a meeting and in the second step of the meeting creation wizard, invite them and set their role to Host.

How do I create a personal meeting room?
To create a personal meeting room (i.e.[username]), simply create a meeting using the meeting creation wizard and put in your username in the "Custom URL" field. This meeting, as is the case with all meetings in Connect Pro, are persistent, meaning that the meeting room and all of its content will exist until you explicitly delete it and can be accessed using the URL that you created.

What is the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and where can I learn more?
The Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy way to instantly schedule a Connect Pro Meeting directly from Microsoft Outlook. To download and install this add-in, go to the Meeting Downloads Page popup.

Does Connect Pro work on the Macintosh operating system?
Acrobat Connect online personal meetings are fully supported for users of Mac OS X v.10.2, 10.3, and 10.4, on both PowerPC® and Intel based Macs.

Where can I learn more about using Connect?
For a complete library of on demand tutorials, tips and tricks and more, visit the Connect Pro Resource Center on You can also join user groups, participate in community forums, and find other Connect Pro users by joining the Connect Pro user community at popup.


Login to Connect Pro

1. Go to Requires Login

2. Login using your Eastern email address: [username]

3. If you do not know your password, click on "Forgot My Password" on the homepage
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