Management Information Systems Minor

Management Information Systems Minor:
Degree Requirements

The goal of the Management Information Systems minor is to prepare students to contribute to an increase in productivity and the generation of new products, services and ventures, using state-of-the-art computer applications for better communication, problem diagnosis and decision making.

Provide business majors with the particular computer skills and knowledge that have now become essential in administrative and managerial positions, even at the entry level.
Introduce other majors, especially those in computer science, to the management applications of computer systems.
*This is a 15 credit minor for those attending Eastern with a background in computing.

I. The MIS minor requires a total of 15*/18 credits as follows:
CSC110Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving3
Or Equivalent Computing Experience*
II. Two Business Courses:
BUS/BIS442Information Technology Project Management3
BIS361Business Information Systems and Web Technologies3
III. Any three of the following seven options:
BIS370Systems Analysis and Design3
CSC200Management Systems3
CSC210Computer Science and Programming I3
CSC231Computer Science and Programming II3
CSC249Visual Basic or CSC 259 Advanced Visual Basic3
CSC251Net-centric Computing3
Any 300/400-level computer science course except internships
Total Credits15*/18