Game Design Minor

Game Design Minor:
Degree Requirements

The computer gaming minor addresses the needs of students interested in simulation, human machine interaction and gaming. This is an interdisciplinary minor covering both the artistic and computational needs of the field. Students with such a minor may work with animation, game engines, mathematics, modeling, network design, and state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Although the College of Arts and Sciences houses the Minor in Game Design, all undergraduate students from colleges across the University are eligible to complete the Minor.

Visual Arts prerequisites will be waived for Computer Science students.
Dr. Sarah Tasneem, Coordinator
Professor Tao Chen, Art Liaison

This minor requires a total of 15 credits as follows:

I. Required courses:
ART343Introduction to 3D Animation3
CSC311Computer & Video Games Development3
II. Select additional nine credits from the following list:
ART403Advanced 3D Animation 3
CSC312Computer Graphics3
CSC337Computer Networks and Distributed Processing4
CSC/MAT350Numerical Methods3
MUS372Multimedia Composition3
SOC320Video Games and Society3
Any 300/400 level course by arrangement with coordinator
Total Credits15

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Student Should note that:
Art 343 has prerequisite of ART 329
Art 403 has prerequisites of ART 343
CSC 311 has a prerequisite of CSC 210
CSC 312 has prerequisites of CSC 210 and MAT 130 or higher
CSC 337 has a prerequisite of CSC 210
CSC 350 has prerequisites of CSC 110 or CSC 231 and MAT 244
MUS 372 has a prerequisite of MUS 250
SOC 320 has no prerequisites

Prerequisites may be waived by the instructor based on the student’s experience. Prerequisites should not be considered as barrier to the minor.