Communication Minor

Communication Minor:
Degree Requirements

The Communication Minor is offered for students who wish to enrich their major area with a general understanding of the total communication process. The minor is designed to provide students with an increased awareness of the impact of media technology, recognition affects and behaviors.

Fifteen semester hours of credit in the communication field are necessary to fulfill the requirements for a minor. In addition to the one required course, COM 100, Introduction to Mass Communication, students must select a concentration totaling six credits in one area and six elective credits from other areas within the communication field.

The following concentrations are available in the minor:

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Writing for Media

Students interested in the minor should consult with their advisors regarding courses which meet the requirements of the various concentrations.

The following courses are required for all:
COM100Introduction to Mass Communication
Students concentrating in Advertising must take at least 2 courses from the following:
COM270Advertising Essentials
COM373Advertising Copywriting*
COM476Advertising Media Planning*
COM478Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns*
Students concentrating in Journalism must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM351Contemporary Print Journalism*
COM355Radio and Television News Writing*
COM361Publication Design
COM450Advanced Journalism*
Students concentrating in Mass Communication must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM101Interpersonal Communication
COM300Communication Law and Ethics*
COM321History of Communication*
COM330Organization Communication
COM400Communications Research*
COM403Mass Communication Theory*
Students concentrating in Photography must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM210Photography I
COM215Media Aesthetics
COM310Digital Photography*
COM361Publication Design
Students concentrating in Public Relations must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM260Intro to Public Relations
COM364Public Relations Writing Methods*
COM464Public Relations Crisis Management
COM468Public Relations Campaigns*
Students concentrating in Television must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM120Television Production I
COM220Television Production II*
COM320Television Production III*
COM420Television Directing*
Students concentrating in Radio & Audio Production must take ast least 2 courses from the following:
COM241Intro to Radio and Audio Production
COM245Digital Analog Audio Production: Radio/Video/Internet
COM340Broadcast Management
COM440Workshop in Radio and Audio*

* these courses have prerequisites