Beginning Your Clinical Experience

Beginning Your Clinical Experience

Before you begin your clinical experience:

After you receive your assignment, forward the results of your background check to your assigned district. You will need to complete a Fingerprinting and Background Request Form to be mailed or faxed to the Regional Education Service Center where you completed your fingerprinting. This may include EASTCONN at Human Resources/Fingerprinting, 376 Hartford Turnpike, Hampton, CT 06247 (Fax # 860-455-8002).  For your convenience on campus, you may bring the completed request form to the Education Department to be faxed. EASTCONN completes this process in batches due to the volume of requests.

It is your responsibility to email and call your host teacher to establish a schedule. You will find your host teacher’s email on the school’s website. It is important to use both tools in communicating since your teacher may have a preference. Please allow 24-48 hours before attempting a second time. If you are unable to contact the school you may contact Mary-Grace Shifrin for assistance.

On your first day
Follow any additional district protocols, sign-in procedure, badges and introduce yourself to the school administrators.

Bring the following documents to your host teacher:

Observation Report: This form is the host teacher’s assessment of your performance in your clinical assignment. It is completed by your host teacher at midterms and at the end of the semester. This needs to be signed by you, your host teacher and your university liaison prior to submission. Use this feedback to grow as a teacher candidate and prepare for student teaching.

Clinical Experiences Evaluation Rubric (PDF)

It is important to maintain a high level of professional communication and responsibility during this process.

Although at times this may be challenging, you are an invited guest and potential employee for each district. Demonstrate a flexible, collaborative and proactive approach to your placement.

Establish a schedule with your host teacher and university liaison that maximizes your time and experience in the classroom. Enrich your experience by becoming part of the school culture.

Share concerns with your assigned University Liaison to clarify your role and responsibilities in the classroom. We expect each clinical experience to strengthen your understanding, pedagogical skills, and competence as a teacher candidate.