Fingerprint Procedure

CT Statute

Prior to Admission to Education programs with certification, ALL students must complete the fingerprinting and background check process at a Regional Education Resource Center.

Step 1: Visit a State of Connecticut Approved Regional Education Resource Center.
NOTE: Local Police Departments, Campus Police and other fingerprinting agencies are not accepted by the Connecticut State Department of Education for teacher candidates

Bring TWO forms of identification and payment in the form of cash or MC/VISA cards.

The fee at EASTCONN is $48.

After being fingerprinted you will receive a signed Fingerprint Verification Letter.

You will need to retain this verification letter for the following:

  • CARE Application: A copy of the Fingerprint Verification Letter MUST be attached to your CARE application.
  • Clinical Placements: Once accepted to the CARE Program, you will be taking classes that offer you experience in a school setting. You will be assigned a clinical placement at the beginning of the semester. After you receive your placement you will need to send a request to the Regional Education Resource Center you have chosen for your results to be forwarded to your assigned school district.

Without this verification letter, districts will not allow you to begin your clinical experience.

Step 2:  After you receive your clinical assignment forward your results to your assigned district(s).
Fax or mail your completed Fingerprinting and Background Request Form including your name, Social Security number, signature and assigned district to the Regional Education Resource Center you visited to perform your fingerprinting and background check.

If you had your fingerprinting and background check performed on campus by an EASTCONN representative or visited the EASTCONN facility you will need to send this Fingerprinting and Background Request Form to:

Human Resources/Fingerprinting
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247
(860) 455-8002

You may provide a copy to the Education Department to fax.

Step 3: Bring a copy of your verification letter to your assigned clinical placement on your first day.
Because the requests to have your results is processed in batches, it is possible that the assigned district will not have received your results before your first day at the school. Your verification letter is proof that you have completed the fingerprinting process.


  • If the candidate misrepresents any criminal record and/or background information during the application process, the candidate will not be admitted to the teacher certification program and/or will be dismissed from the program. Once admitted into the teacher certification program the candidate will need to uphold the Connecticut Code of Professional Responsibility for Educator (Sec. 10-145d-400a).
  • If the Certification Officer receives notification of questionable findings on the candidate’s background check (whether or not it has been previously disclosed), the Certification Officer will contact the candidate to set up a preliminary discussion of the incident and set up a timeline for resolution. The Certification Officer will then convene an ad hoc committee for each case.

Refer to the CARE Policies and Procedures for more information.