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Recent Research

The CFDRC has been the cite for many exciting studies. Findings of these investigations have been presented at national and international conferences and in noted research journals. The following are important recent findings of studies that were conducted in the center:

    • High-quality teacher-child interactions in play lead preschool students to become more independent in their on-going activities in the classroom.  
    • Preschool children use language that shows they have a “theory of the mind”—an understanding of what it means to know, think, learn, and remember.
    • When children view themselves solving math problems on video, they acquire a greater understanding of problem solving and math skills.
    • Teachers who have greater education and experience can more accurately interpret and respond to young children’s play needs.
The CFDRC interfaces closely with the Center for Early Childhood Education. Together, they collaborate on research in areas related to child-development in order to promote best practice in teaching.  Here are some current research collaborations between the two centers.