Supporting Physical Development in Infants and Toddlers

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The first three years of life are characterized by dramatic changes in children’s physical abilities. Adults can support young children’s physical development by moving with infants and allowing them plenty of time to freely move on their own, by providing toddlers with opportunities to practice walking and running on different surfaces, and by challenging toddlers to move in a variety of ways.

Crawling, Walking, Running!: Supporting Physical Development in Babies and Toddlers
This video is part of a series of five videos created as part of the Center’s effort to study the effects of physical and outdoor play. The work was funded in part by Head Start Body Start.
Producer: Julia DeLapp
Videographer and Video Editor: Ken Measimer
Student Production Assistant: Kristin Chemerka
Narrator: Julia DeLapp
Content Experts: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Dr. Darren Robert, Dr. Ann Gruenberg

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