Supporting Oral Language Development in Dual Language Learners

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It is increasingly common for early childhood classrooms to include children who speak languages other than English at home. Some of these children may have been learning two or more languages from birth, while others are first exposed to English when they enter preschool. It is important for teachers to adapt their teaching strategies to support dual language learners as they develop their English skills. This video explores the importance of preserving a child’s first language, the four stages of English acquisition for dual language learners, and a multitude of strategies that teachers can implement to help dual language learners develop the oral language skills they need to become proficient English speakers.

Many Languages, One Teacher: Supporting Language and Literacy Development for Dual Language Learners (NAEYC article by Elizabeth S. Magruder, Whitcomb W. Hayslip, Linda M. Espinosa, and Carola Matera)
Language at Home and in the Community: For Teachers by The National Center on Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness (Head Start)
Language Castle (Website)
The Benefits of Being Bilingual: A Review for Teachers (handout from Too Small to Fail)
Oral Language Development and ELLs: 5 Challenges and Solutions (article by Lindsey Moses Guccione*)
*Note – This author is an elementary school teacher, but many of her ideas and strategies are relevant for those working with preschoolers.
Author: Dr. Theresa Bouley
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Julia DeLapp
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Ken Measimer
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Sean Leser, Kristen Chemerka, Megan Saunders, Nicole Ricard, Sarah Pierce
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Dr. Denise Matthews
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Dr. Ann Anderberg
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