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Research at the Center for Early Childhood Education

The Center conducts research on a range of issues related to young children. Faculty partner with teachers in the children’s program and utilize Center technology to observe and record children, teachers, and child-teacher interactions. Video clips captured during research are edited, catalogued, and stored for coding or for future use.

The Center engages in research dissemination activities such as publishing articles, sending out newsletters, presenting papers at national and international research conferences and academic meetings, posting information on websites, and hosting periodic talks.

Recent Research News

Current and Past Research Projects

The Center engages in multiple research projects each year. Current studies are focused on the relationship between play and children’s math abilities, the effect of toys on children’s learning, and the impact of teachers’ professional development on children’s early literacy skills. Read about current and past research projects.

Research Publications

The Center periodically publishes research briefs and white papers, and Center faculty author journal articles and books. Recent publications include:

For a complete list of publications, visit our publications page.


Conducting Research at the Center

The Center supports and conducts a wide range of empirical investigations from across disciplines that are consistent with its research philosophy and mission.

Involving Students in Research

The Center invites students from various academic disciplines to assist in conducting research on young children. Read previous efforts by student researchers.

Use of Data or Measures

Researchers who are interested in obtaining data or measures used in the studies conducted by the Center should contact Julia DeLapp at 860/465-0687.