Previous Research Investigations

ImageTitle of InvestigationYearTopicInvestigators
Dual Language Learners b 300x168Differences in Social Interactions During Between Dual Language Learners and English-Only Speakers2018Dual language learners
Social interaction
Principal Investigator: Stefanie Dominguez, Honors Program Student

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
timpani past 300x168TIMPANI Toy Study: Toys That Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture the Imagination2010-2018PlayPrincipal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Julia DeLapp

Student Researchers: Alyssa Barry, Rachel Borden, Chamari Davis, Kim DePaolis, Stefanie Dominguez, Nicole Green, Marley Koschel, Kristen Krause, Allison Lundy, Dominique McLean, Sayantani Nandy, Heather Oski, Niloufar Rezai, Heather Russell, Leah Slawinowski, Amanda Terenzi, Jamie Vallarelli, Liza Welling, Morgan Winship, Jenny Wolff, Huihui Yu, Alyssa Zebrowski, Kelly Zimmermann
Teacher works with 3 preschoolers to measure ingredients into a mixing bowlThe Relationship of Teacher-Child Math Talk During Preschool Play To Young Children’s Mathematics Learning2016-2017MathematicsPrincipal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Sudha Swaminathan

Student Researchers: Daphne Botteron, Sarah Coady, Stefanie Dominguez, Dominique McLean, Samantha Normington, Olivia Palen, Liah Sinquefield, Leah Slawinowski, Amanda Terenzi
choices preschoolers make free play 300x168Choices Preschool Children Make During Free Play Time: Effects of Age, Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Ethnicity2016PlayPrincipal Investigator: Samantha Marsh, Honors Program Student

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
literacy to encourage math 300x168Using Literacy to Encourage Mathematical Interest in Preschool2016Mathematics Principal Investigator: Sarah Beth Tonzi, Honors Program Student

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
not all math talk counts the same 300x168Not All Math Talk Counts the Same: Identifying Math Conversations in Play That Promote Early Mathematical Thinking in Preschools2016Mathematics Principal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Sudha Swaminathan, Alysson Iannicelli

Student Researcher: Sarah Coady, Olivia Palen
tricycles 300x168The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Development in Preschoolers2015PhysicalPrincipal Investigator: Amy Gagnon
block play 300x168Block Play and Mathematics Learning in Preschool: The Effects of Building Complexity, Peer and Teacher Interactions in the Block Area, and Replica Play Materials2014-2015MathematicsPrincipal Investigator: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Sudha Swaminathan

Student Researchers: Brooke Baton, Courtney Danieluk, Samantha Marsh, Monika Szarwacki
naptime meetings 300x168Naptime Data Meetings to Increase the Math Talk of Early Care and Education Providers2013MathematicsPrincipal Investigator: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Student Researchers: Kimberly DePaolis, Kristen Krause, Heather Oski, Alyssa Zebrowski
Obstacle course 300x168The Effects of Physical Education on Classroom Behaviors2013Physical educationPrincipal Investigator: Rachel Hanrahan, Honors Program Student
ed tech scaffolding 300x168Teacher-Child Interactions and Scaffolding During Educational Technology Use
2012TechnologyPrincipal Investigator: Sudha Swaminathan

Student Researchers:
Ariel Levesque, Erin Murphy, Suzanne Slater
relationship teacher child interactions math ability 300x168The Relationship of Teacher-Child Interactions in Preschool Play to Young Children’s Mathematical Ability
2010-2011MathematicsPrincipal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Sudha Swaminathan

Co-Investigator: Xing Liu

Student Researchers: Christina Cammisa, Claire Fryer, Tasia Supino, Eliza Welling, Jenny Wolff, Kelly Zimmerman
handheld vs desktopHandheld vs. Desktop Computers: Effective Usage by Preschoolers in Natural Learning Environments2010TechnologyPrincipal Investigator: Sudha Swaminathan

Student Researcher: Meghan Ryczek
head start body start 300x168The Effects of Physical and Outdoor Play on Young Children’s Development2010PlayPrincipal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Darren Robert, Ann Gruenberg, and Julia DeLapp
CPEL PD 300x168Data-Driven, Language Differentiated Professional Development for Teachers2009-2011LiteracyPrincipal Investigators: Maureen Ruby and Ann Anderberg
reliability of instrument 300x168Reliability and Validity of an Instrument to Measure the Effects of Toys on the Cognitive, Creative, and Social Behaviors of Preschool Children2009-2010PlayPrincipal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Heather Russell (student), and Sudha Swaminathan
Puerto Rico 300x168Drawing Back the Lens on Play: A Frame Analysis of Young Children’s Play in Puerto Rico2009PlayPrincipal Investigator: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
digital vid documentation 300x168Digital Video Documentation as a Reflective Tool for Enhancing Children’s Mathematical Understanding and Reasoning2008MathematicsPrincipal Investigator: Sudha Swaminathan

Co-Investigator: Patricia Gardner
good fit teacher child interactions 300x168“Good-Fit” Teacher-Child Play Interactions and the Subsequent Autonomous Play of Preschool Children2006PlayPrincipal Investigator: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Student Researcher: Traci Dziurgot
untangling teacher child interactions 300x168Untangling Teacher-Child Play Interactions: Do Teacher Education and Experience Influence Good-Fit Responses to Children’s Play?2006PlayPrincipal Investigator: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Student Researcher: Traci Dziurgot