Investigations is the curriculum used by Eastern’s Child and Family Development Resource Center (CFDRC). The curriculum was developed by CFDRC teachers and administrators in partnership with Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith. The curriculum is centered around engaging projects—called “investigations”—on topics that are selected by children, teachers, and families. As children investigate a topic in learning centers, small collaborative groups, whole group activities, movement and music experiences, outdoor observation, or field trips, they acquire critical competencies identified in the Connecticut Early Learning Standards and the standards of national professional organizations. Each video in the Investigating series captures one topic of investigation explored at the CFDRC. Videos include interviews with preschool and toddler teachers about how children engaged in literacy, math, science, art, and other activities through the three- or four-month investigation.

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#2: Investigating Balls (10:10)
Winner of a 2013 Telly Award!
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