Guiding Young Children’s Behavior

Guiding Young Children’s Behavior is an interactive training curriculum that provides current and future early childhood professionals with tools and strategies for guiding preschool children’s behavior in positive ways. The curriculum was originally made possible through the generous support of the U.S. Department of Defense for Project Navigate, a project to support the professional development of early childhood professionals in U.S. Navy child care centers. Video clips from the curriculum are now available in their entirety below.

Segment 1: Fostering Trusting Relationships
1. Why trusting, supportive relationships are important
2. Why supportive relationships are important for children of Navy families
3. Ways to show warmth
4. Authentic ways to respond to children
5. Benefits of an attachment caregiver
Segment 2: Arranging the Classroom
1. Arranging classroom space
2. Designing a classroom getaway space
3. Resolving behavior problems by rearranging classroom space
Segment 3: Selecting Classroom Materials and Planning the Schedule
1. Open-ended classroom materials
2. Materials that are relevant to family and culture
3. Quiet and active materials
4. Enough materials and choices of things to do
5. Graded challenges
6. Balancing teacher-guided and child-centered activities
7. Planning and reflection sessions
Segment 4: Establishing Classroom Rules
1. Why children should be involved in setting rules
2. Creating rules with children during a class meeting
3. Using child-created rules throughout the year
Segment 5: Responding to Behavior Problems and Resolving Conflicts
1. Redirection
2. Simple, positive reminders
3. Firm reminders and choice-giving
4. Conflict resolution
5. Modeling
Segment 6: Helping Children Identify and Express Emotions
1. How feelings can influence children’s behavior
2. Acknowledge and help children identify feelings
3. Guide children in expressing emotions
4. Help children understand others’ feelings
5. Use group time and children’s literature to help children learn about feelings
The Center would like to thank the administrators, teachers, parents, and children at the Child Development Programs at U.S. Naval Subase New London and U.S. Naval Base Newport for agreeing to be filmed for this training.
Author: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith
Production consultant: Dr. Denise Matthews
Production coordinator: Julia DeLapp
Video production: RISE Learning Solutions, Jefrerey Arias, Denise Matthews
Student production assistant: Kerin Jaros-Dressler
Graphic designer: Geomatrix Productions
Photographer: Jared Ramsdell

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