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Guiding Young Children's Behavior

Segment 6: Helping Children Identify and Express Emotions


Feelings can influence children’s classroom behavior. Young children may have strong feelings that they cannot understand, name or control. When this happens, children might display inappropriate behavior. This segment identifies strategies teachers can use to help children understand and express their emotions in an appropriate way.  


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Questions to Answer After Viewing Videos

  • Think about an individual child in your class who needs help in learning how to express emotions. How could you support that child in learning to express emotions? What could you plan ahead and how could you use spontaneous classroom moments?
  • What activities do you already do in circle time that teach children about emotions? What are three new activities you could add?

  • What are three high quality children’s books that help children learn about feelings? What specific emotions do they address? What is a follow-up activity you could plan after each book is read?

Additional Resources on Helping Children Identify and Express Emotions

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