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Educational Video Clips for Early Childhood Professionals

Produced by Dr. Denise Matthews

The e-clips project is an effort to provide early childhood professionals with tips and ideas they can implement in their own classrooms. e-clips are brief professional development videos that teachers and child care providers can access electronically from the Center’s website. Educators can elect to receive email notification of new e-clip releases.

Each e-clip features an expert describing how early childhood professionals can use the latest research to enhance children’s learning. Interviews with classroom teachers and footage from preschool classrooms illustrate how educators can put theory into practice and capture authentic early childhood classroom experiences. Supplementing each e-clip are suggested readings, additional on-line resources, and discussion questions to support conversations within instructional teams or in staff meetings.

How to Use e-clips

While many early childhood professionals will view and reflect on ideas presented in e-clips independently, the Center encourages educators to view e-clips in a group setting, such as in a staff meeting or during classroom planning periods. The video clips are designed to support educators in reflecting on their current teaching practices and in imagining possible changes they can make in their classrooms to implement research-based strategies. Faculty teaching early childhood education courses are also encouraged to use e-clips to help students reflect on and dicsuss teaching strategies.

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Five Predictors of Early Literacy (6:35)

Dr. Theresa Bouley

Winner of 2010 Telly Award!

Introducing Technology to Young Children (5:18)

Dr. Douglas Clements and Dr. Sudha Swaminathan

Involving Families (5:39)

Jamie Klein

The Importance of Play (5:20)

Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Winner of 2011 Telly Award!

Observing Young Children (7:20)

Dr. Sudha Swaminathan



Supporting Children's Individual Needs (7:29)

Dr. Ann Gruenberg and Niloufar Rezai

Encouraging Physical Activity in Preschoolers (8:27)

Dr. Darren Robert

Supporting English Language Learners


Dr. Ann Anderberg

Using Math Talk to Support Learning (5:16)

Dr. Sudha Swaminathan

Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith



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Download e-clips

All e-clips are also available as downloadable podcasts through iTunesU. Download them to your computer or iPod here. You can also see these videos on our YouTube channel.

For More Information

The e-clips project is a collaboration of early childhood faculty, video production professionals, students, and Eastern’s Child and Family Development Resource Center, including the following individuals:

Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp

Producer/Director: Denise Matthews

Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer

Student Production Assistants: Jessica Barbieri, Lauren Bedard, Estelle Crews, Amy Dillon, Joan Gallagher, Karl Gray, Kerin Jaros-Dressler, Bryan Krolikowski, Sean Leser, Dan Young

For more information, contact Dr. Denise Matthews.

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