Involving Families

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Parents and other close families members are children’s first teachers. In e-clip #3, Director Jamie Klein discusses the importance of building strong, trusting relationships with families. When early childhood administrators and teachers provide a variety of opportunities for families to become involved in classrooms and in programs, parents gain an understanding of what their children are learning, and they have the ability to extend the learning at home.

1. How do we build trusting relationships with families?
2. What do we currently do to keep families informed about what their children are learning in the classroom? What other strategies might we try?
3. How can we encourage families to get involved in classroom or program activities?
4. What strategies can we use to extend classroom learning to the home?
5. What materials might we share with families to support learning at home?
Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
Producer/Director: Dr. Denise Matthews
Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
Student Production Assistant: Kerin Jaros-Dressler
Featured Administrator: Jamie Klein


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