The Importance of Play

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Research shows that play has an essential role in children’s learning. In e-clip #4, Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith of Eastern Connecticut State University discusses the importance of play and advises early childhood professionals to look at several elements of children’s play, including engagement in make-believe play, social interaction during play, and play complexity. Teachers who enhance children’s play can help promote children’s development in a variety of domains.

1. What is our philosophy on the role of play in children’s learning?
2. What is our philosophy regarding the role of the teacher in children’s play? When should adults become involved in children’s play?
3. How do we support children’s make-believe play?
4. What strategies can we use to facilitate peer interactions among children engaged in play?
5. How can we support children to engage in more complex play?
Executive Producer: Julia DeLapp
Producer/Director: Dr. Denise Matthews
Production Coordinator: Ken Measimer
Student Production Assistant: Kerin Jaros-Dressler
Content Expert: Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

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