Current Research Projects

Cooking 300x225 The Relationship of Teacher-Child Math Talk During Preschool Play To Young Children’s Mathematics Learning

Principal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Sudha Swaminathan

Student Researchers: Daphne Botteron, Sarah Coady, Stefanie Dominguez, Dominique McLean, Samantha Normington, Olivia Palen, Liah Sinquefield, Leah Slawinowski, Amanda Terenzi

timpani 2015-2016 300x168Toys That Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture the Imagination: TIMPANI Study 2017

Principal Investigators: Julia DeLapp, Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Student Researchers: Stefanie Dominguez, Nicole Green, Dominique McLean, Amanda Terenzi
DSC_4612 300x168How Preschool Teachers Introduce New Play Materials

Principal Investigators: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, Julia DeLapp

Student Researchers: Nicole Green, Dominique McLean, Leah Slawinowski
Dual Language Learners b 300x168Effects of Language Differences on Children in Preschool Classrooms

Principal Investigator: Stefanie Dominguez, Honors Student

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

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