New Video About Following Children’s Interests

Following Children’s Interests: The Purple Room Band

Sydney Rodriguez close-up 300x168When children get excited about something, adults can build on that interest to engage children in a meaningful, longer term learning experience. In this latest video in the Reflections from the Field series, Sydney Rodriguez describes how children in her preschool classroom got excited about the idea of forming a band and performing for the entire center. She explains how she built on that interest by engaging children in a series of connected learning experiences, leading up to a culminating performance. She also reflects on the amount of time required to fully engage the children in all the steps of the process, and on the importance of regularly incorporating music into early childhood classrooms. View the video here:


Center Celebrates Ten Years!!

CECE1 500x280This academic year marked the ten-year anniversary of the Center for Early Childhood Education. We wanted to thank all of our partners over the past ten years who have made our work possible – by serving as research partners, by allowing us to bring video cameras into their programs and homes, by providing their expertise as content reviewers and/or appearing in our videos, and by providing the funding and/or institutional support to make the work possible. We also are grateful to the many early childhood professionals, teacher educators, state and provincial officials, and policymakers who have used and shared our research and videos. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

In honor of our anniversary, we made a 94-second video summarizing our accomplishments to date. You can see it here:

We look forward to our next 10 years!


New Teaching Strategies Video: “Initiating Activities”

Initiating Activities 300x202The CECE is pleased to release the next video in our Teaching Strategies video series. In “Initiating Activities,” Head Start teacher Ashley Anderson demonstrates how she introduces children to the materials they will encounter in learning centers. In doing so, she gets them thinking about how they might use the materials to help them be more intentional during center time.

View the video here:


“Lowering Your Voice” is New Video in the Teaching Strategies Series

Loud vs Quiet Voice 300x202The CECE is pleased to release “Lowering Your Voice,” a video highlighting one strategy that preschool teacher Yotisse Williams uses to get children’s attention when several children are speaking at once. The video is part of the CECE’s “Teaching Strategies” series, which illustrate strategies teachers and providers use to achieve specific goals. View the video here: