Windham High Incentive Program (WHIP)

Program Incentives

  • Participants must be recommended by high school instructors, guidance counselors, or principals.
  • Participants must be in the top 30% of their class.
  • Only students with Junior or Senior Status may participate.
  • Eligible students must first complete a WHIP Pre-Registration Form 53116, have it signed by their guidance counselor, and sent it to the Office of Continuing Studies & Enhanced Learning (CSEL) prior to meeting with Britt Rothauser for registration.
  • Students must contact CSEL to schedule an appointment with Britt Rothauser for advising and course registration. During this meeting, students will finalize their course registration by completing the Part-time Registration Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office in Wood Support Services.
  • High school WHIP Coordinators and Guidance Counselors who wish to arrange a group advising and registration session for their students may do so by contacting Britt Rothauser.

Participation Limits

Windham High School (10)

Windham Regional Vocational Technical School (10)

Arts at the Capitol Theater (ACT) Performing Arts Magnet School (10)

Parish Hill High School (5)

Lyman High School (5)

Rockville High School (5)

RHAM High School (5)

Coventry High School (5)

  • A maximum of 6 credits may be taken through the WHIP program in any one semester (including summer).
  • Students may NOT participate in the summer following their high school graduation.
  • Students must have a valid photo ID to register (i.e. driver’s license, school ID, etc).

Home-Schooled Student Eligibility

Please view the policy on Gifted High School Students Taking University Courses

For more information contact:

Britt Rothauser
Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning
Eastern Connecticut State University
Wood Support Services, Room 100B
(860) 465-5250

Britt Rothauser at rothauserb@easternct.edu