Free Information & Financial Matters

Free Information & Financial Matters

The Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning provides students with excellent advisers, supportive information sessions and alternative financial avenues to help you succeed in attaining your degree. Please follow the links below for more helpful information.

Expert Academic Advisement

Call our office at (860) 465-0206 to set up an appointment with an adviser during the day or evening. If you prefer telephone advisement, call (860) 465-0206 and leave a message to have your adviser return your call. If you are interested in Teacher Certification, call the Education Department at (860) 465-4530. If you are a graduate student, call the Graduate Office at (860) 465-5292. Please notify us if you need to cancel a scheduled appointment. Meet our academic advisers.

Information Sessions – Fast Track

The Fast Track Bachelor’s of General Studies (BGS) Degree Completion Program is for busy individuals who are at least 25 years old and who already have 60 or more prior college credits. The Fast Track is the quickest, most efficient way for most people to finish their bachelor’s degree. Check the News page for upcoming Information Sessions.

Credit for Lifelong Learning (CLL)

Credit for Lifelong Learning is a unique program at Eastern that enables adults, like you, to earn credit for the college-level learning gained through work, volunteer and other experiences.


CLEP and DSST are programs that enable you to “test out” of some classes, either through computerized exams or paper and pencil tests. For under $90 you may be able to earn, through self-study, up to 6 credits per exam.

Tax Credit for Tuition

For information on costs, payment options, and additional information on the topics above.

Tuition Money