Talk to an Advisor

Talk to an Advisor

Call our office at (860) 465-0206 to set up an appointment with an advisor during the day or evening. If you prefer telephone advisement, call (860) 465-0206 and leave a message to have your advisor return your call. If you are interested in Teacher Certification, call the Education Department at (860) 465-4530. If you are a graduate student, call the Graduate Office at (860) 465-5292. Please notify us if you need to cancel a scheduled appointment.

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Dr. Stanley Beckford
Groton Coordinator

(860) 446-9457

June Dunn
Assistant Dean

(860) 465-5100

Britt Rothauser
Academic Advisor

(860) 465-5250

Margaret Appleton
Academic Advisor

(860) 465-5039
Kieran Coffey
Academic Advisor

(860) 465-0206 (front desk)
Arielle Rose
Academic Advisor

(860) 465-0476