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Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning Summer 2018

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*Section Numbers that begin with an “H” are Hybrid (online & on-ground).
*Section Numbers that begin with an “E” are online only.
CRNCourse Number Section NumberTitle
50069ART 360E25American Art
50165BIO 305E25The Animal World
50063ENG 252E25Harlem Renaissance
50065ENG 375E25Language Acquisition of Young Children
50068ENG 383E25Literary Publishing
50066WLC 375E25Language Acquisition of Young Children
50094EES 205E26Sustainable Energy
50095EES 315E25Environmental Science and Society
50135PBH 228E25Introduction to Public Health
50143MAT 135PH02Math for Liberal Arts Plus
50128MAT 140H01Geometry/Problem Solving for Elementary Teachers
50142MAT 243H01Calculus I with Technology
50014PSY 208E25Psychology of Adolescence
50015PSY 212E25 Lifespan Development
50018PSY 301E25Abnormal Psychology
50155PSY 306E25Cognitive Psychology
50019PSY 319E25Human Sexuality
50001ANT 221E25Native Americans
50002ANT 364E25Medical Anthropology
50159SOC 250E25Social Inequality
50132JPN 216E25The Japanese World
50133JPN 216E26The Japanese World
50148LAP 430H01Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium (online and on-ground)
50163LAP 430E25 Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium
50067LAP 430H64Liberal Arts Capstone Colloquium (online and on-ground)
50164MUS 120E25Introduction to Music History
50096ACC 201E25Principles of Accounting 1
50098ACC 202E25Principles of Managerial Accounting
50100ACC 302E25Intermediate Accounting II
50003BIS 362E25Healthcare Informatics
50157BIS 364E25Social Informatics
50150BUS 331E25Organizational Behavior
50151BUS 332E25Management of Organizations
50004BUS 347E25Financial Institutions and Markets
50006BUS 349E25Real Estate Finance
50152BUS 365E25Business Report Writing with Micro Applications
50153BUS 366E25Lean Production Management
50005FIN 347E25Financial Institutions&Mkts
50007FIN 349E25Real Estate Finance
50053COM 270E25Advertising Essentials
50058COM 330E25Organizational Communication
50057COM 331E25Dispute Resolution & Mediation
50171ECO 115E25Modern American Economy