Student Experiences

Student Experiences
( Why Do Our Students Choose Eastern? )

I have just completed the Credit for Lifelong Learning program. This class has helped me to achieve what I thought was out of my reach. I came to Eastern just about a year ago, after taking 8 years off from my Bachelors. I am living proof that with hard work, and some very caring and helpful teachers, anybody can turn their life around, and accomplish whatever they set their mind to. One teacher that really stands out is Riette Pranger. Without Riette helping, and pushing me to succeed, I probably would have given up. She really cares about the students and goes the extra mile to help them to be successful. Teachers like her are hard to come by. Thanks so much for the Credit for Lifelong Learning program.
Steven Rolfe

At the age of 78, James Mosley will be fulfilling a lifelong dream to graduate with his Bachelor of General Studies in Social Science. He began taking courses with Eastern four years ago in Groton and Willimantic. After completing the Credit for Lifelong Learning portfolio, Mosley was awarded 51 credits for a lifetime of interests and multiple careers. He is retired from the United States Navy and General Dynamics Corporation. Mosley is one of the pioneer African-Americans in the Navy Submarine Service. He was featured in the book published by Glenn A. Knoblock in 2005, Black Submariners in the United States Navy, 1940-1975. He has tremendous knowledge of African-American history, much of which he experienced. He worked very hard to take courses and continue his education. He recently became a grandfather for the 11th time and a great-grandfather for the 1st time. After originally earning his associate’s degree from Mitchell College in 1976, he could never afford the time or money to complete his bachelor’s. Eastern off-campus courses in Groton and the Credit for Lifelong Learning program provided the means to finally accomplish attaining his bachelor’s degree.

He intends to continue his education by attending graduate school. His current interest is in molecular biology and genetics. He had many years of experience in medicine and sciences allied to medicine.
James M. Mosley ’08

The Fast Track program allowed me to complete my degree in a short period of time, along with learning how to best manage my time to complete assignments while balancing work and life.
Dena Dix

I knew from the first conversation with Eastern that my goal would be accomplished with the commitment and support of the Dean, Assistant Dean, and staff of the School of Continuing Education.
Lisa Jackson

Because I was surrounded by supportive working adults like myself and instructors who were well organized, I was able to juggle school, family, work, and other matters without a great deal of complication. The Fast Track program allowed me to finish up what I started 15 years ago.
Larry Keating

With the Fast Track program, I was able to finish my degree in a shorter amount of time and in the evenings without interrupting my work schedule.
Susan Finkelstein