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About Eastern's Special Program for the Navy

Eastern Connecticut State University is a Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC). This program for Servicemembers and the adult members of their families makes it easier to complete a Bachelor's degree at Eastern, even when transferred. Eastern is a member of the SOC Degree Network System which includes more than 1800 colleges and universities that provide enhanced educational opportunities for servicemembers and their families. By signing a SOCNAV contract, you can finish your degree no matter where you're stationed. Eastern will help you reach your lifetime goal!


How the Program Works

The Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) is a flexible degree program offered through Eastern’s School of Continuing Education and is available to both full-time and part-time students. In order to be admitted to the B.G.S. program, students must be in good academic standing and must have completed 60 credits. Upon entry to the B.G.S. program, each student completes

a learning contract with a School of Continuing Education advisor. The contract outlines the student’s proposed plan of study and ensures that all degree and University requirements will

be met.

Degree completion requires 120 credits, and a minimum of 30 of these credits must be taken at Eastern. Transfer credits from other colleges and universities can be easily incorporated into the B.G.S. degree and there is no time limit on when transfer courses were taken. A maximum of 60 credits may be earned through one or a combination of nontraditional learning programs

such as Eastern’s Credit for Lifelong Learning Program, recommended for those 25 years and older, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), the DSST testing program, and the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations for military training. For more information about the B.G.S. program, contact the School of Continuing Education

at (860) 465-5125.

Degree requirements:

Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Curriculum up to 46 credits

Note: The LAC Tier I requirement is waived for new students transferring 60 or more credits, provided that those

credits include a minimum of 27 credits of liberal arts and sciences coursework including a math course above College

Algebra and English Composition.

A minimum of two Tier II LAC courses in different categories must be completed at Eastern.

The LAC Tier III requirement must also be completed at Eastern.

B.G.S. Major Concentration 30 credits

Note: A minimum of 15 credits in the major concentration must be taken from Eastern; also a minimum of 15 credits

in the major concentration must be numbered 300-level or higher.

B.G.S. Minor Concentration 15 credits

Electives as needed

Total minimum: 120 credits


How to Get Started

  1. Schedule an appointment with Jennifer Beatty, Outreach Coordinator for the Groton Sub Base at (860) 445-0333.
    Contact the main campus in Willimantic for an advisement appointment at 860 465- 5125 or toll free at 877-353-3278.

  2. Bring transcripts or prior college or military credits from regionally accredited institutions with you to your initial appointment. Start with 60 or more prior credits from regionally accredited institutions. (There's no time limit on when transfer courses were taken.)

  3. Review various possibilities for additional college credits, such as:
    ACE recommended Military credits
    College Level Exam Program (CLEP) tests
    DSST (DANTES) tests
    Credit for Lifelong Learning
    CD-based coursework through Eastern

  4. Apply for Admission to Eastern by completing a part-time student application form.

  5. Enroll in a SOCNAV Contract to ensure that your degree will be completed through Eastern should you be deployed or relocated.

  6. Complete a minimum of 10 core courses over 24 months to meet Eastern's residency requirement. (Complete two courses per semester and one summer course for two years.)

  7. We'll help you complete the other credits you need at Eastern or through CLEP and DSST tests, Credit for Lifelong Learning, or when enrolled in SOCNAV, additional approved courses taken elsewhere should you be deployed or relocated.


Note: RN License 60 Credits
LPN, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiological Technologist or Respiratory Therapist diploma or license 30 Credits
ACE Military Credits are transferable  


Tuition Assistance

For active duty Navy personnel:

According to the Navy College News, July 2006, "the Navy Tuition Assistance limit has been increased to 16 semester credits per fiscal year (with equivalent increases in quarter credits, clock hours and CEUs). Students requesting a waiver to exceed this new cap must follow the procedures outlined in the Navy College Web site. Keep in mind that the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) limit of $4500 per fiscal year at the $250 semester hour cap WILL REMAIN IN PLACE AND CANNOT BE WAIVED."


The Curriculum

These are the suggested major concentrations for the Bachelor of General Studies. Below are the links for our three recommended programs.

And our newest addition:

Talk to our Advisors Now!

Jennifer Beatty, Sub Base Office: Building #83, Room 148
Phone: (860) 445-0333
M-Th, 10 am-2:00 pm.  Please, call for an appointment.

Dr. Stanley Beckford, Groton Site Office: 591 Poquonnock Rd.
Phone: (860) 446-9457

George Steele
Phone: (860) 465-5101

Main Campus: 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, CT 06226
Phone:(860) 465-5125 or Toll Free (877) 353-3278
Fax (860) 465-0062
Email: (Please, put SOCNAV or SOCCOAST in the Subject of your email!)