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Reverse Internship

Listen to a Reverse Internship student interviewed on Fox News. 

What is Eastern’s Reverse Internship

 Reverse Internship Brochure

  • The Reverse Internship is for adults with 5 or more years of work experience who intend to graduate from Eastern. 
  • You can earn up to 9 credits for your learning in the areas of “Problem Solving,” “Teamwork/Collaboration,” and “Communication,” either written or oral.
  • You participate in a two in-person workshops and complete three Workbooks in writing which ask you to think about experiences you have had in your previous jobs and write about what you learned from those experiences as they relate to the three areas specified above.
  • Faculty review your Workbook entries and use a learning rubric to evaluate your learning and award college credit.
  • Credits awarded are 400-level and may be applied to concentrations in the BGS degree or to electives.
  • The cost of the program is $806 and you can earn up to 9 credits.


Call (860) 465-0206 to speak to an advisor.