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Grading and Honors

Grade Point System

Grade GPA Calculator

Eastern uses a 4.0 = A grading scale, meaning that if you earn all A’s, you would have a 4.0 grade point average. The semester grade point average (GPA) is calculated by a three-step procedure: (1) multiply the grade points for each course by the number of credits for that course; (2) add the figures for each of these courses to arrive at a grade point total; (3) divide this grade point total by the total number of credits for which a grade was received. The cumulative GPA is calculated similarly, taking into account all courses taken in residence. Grades for students in the undergraduate programs of the University are reported and valued as follows:


Quality Points


A4.0Highest Grade Possible
D1.0Minimum Passing Performance
F0.0Failure, No Credit
CR0.0Credit, No Quality Points
NC0.0No Credit, No Quality Points
AU0.0No Credit, No Quality Points
WP0.0Withdraw/Passing, No Quality Points
WF0.0Withdraw/Failing, No Quality Points

A cumulative GPA is carried for all students for all courses taken at Eastern Connecticut State University.


I” is changed to “F” by the Registrar, if the instructor has not submitted a grade by the end of six weeks in the first full following semester.

Instructors may award the grade of “Incomplete” when students are temporarily unable to fulfill course requirements because of illness (documented) or other verifiable emergency.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Instructors must file a form with the Registrar’s Office indicating the reason for the “Incomplete,” the work which the student must finish, and the time by which it is to be completed. A copy will be given to the student, and it is each student’s responsibility to complete the work within six weeks after the beginning of the first full semester following the granting of the “Incomplete.” If grades are not submitted by the deadline, an official grade of “F” will be recorded. In unusual cases, an instructor may request from the appropriate dean an extension of time. To assist students and instructors in evaluating circumstances justifying the granting of an “Incomplete,” the following represent sample cases in which an “Incomplete” will not be granted:

  1. Students missing the final examination and carrying “F” at that time.
  2. Students asking to improve their grades by doing extra work.
  3. Students requiring additional time to complete regularly assigned work, in the absence of a clearly defined emergency.

Admission to the University Honors Program


Affiliated with both the National and Regional Honors Council, Eastern’s Honors Program provides an advanced course of study in the liberal arts for academically qualified students. Honors scholars follow a special program designed to encourage active learning, critical thinking,and independent study. The culmination of the program is the preparation of a senior honors thesis, an original research project carried out under the direction of a faculty advisor. Honors scholars also participate in the activities of the Student Honors Council.

The University Honors Program serves as part of the Liberals Arts core curriculum for those admitted to the program. Honors scholars may major in any department, and some departments offer departmental honors programs that can be coordinated with the University Honors Program. Honors scholars, who have a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and complete the honors requirements, graduate as University Honors Scholars.

Decisions on acceptance to the selective University Honors Program are made by the Honors Council. Acceptance of incoming freshmen is based on their high school record and potential for advanced college work. Eastern offers tuition scholarships to entering freshmen accepted into the University Honors Program. Transfer and continuing students who have earned less than 45 credits can apply to the program if their GPA is 3.5 or above.

Interested students should contact the Director of the Honors Program.

Honors and Distinctions

Suma Cum Laude: 3.90-4.00 grade point average in all courses
Magna Cum Laude: 3.70-3.89 grade point average in all courses
Cum Laude: 3.50-3.69 grade point average in all courses
Dean’s Distinction: 3.50-4.00 grade point average in all courses awarded when student has fewer than 45 credits at Eastern

Students graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher for all coursework completed at Eastern and who have completed a minimum of 45 credits in residence at Eastern are eligible for University honors of cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude.

Students graduating with a cumulative GPA 3.50 or higher who have completed 30-44 credits in residence at Eastern will receive the Dean’s Distinction Award.


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