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Students have different talents. You may be very confident about your writing ability, but worried about your required math course. Or, vice versa! Or, you just don’t understand the new vocabulary being used in Sociology, or Psychology, or some other subject you have never taken before. Or maybe you are confused about the requirements of a particular major, the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, or are having trouble getting enough classes for a full load. Don’t struggle alone! The Academic Services Center is here to make your Eastern educational experience as positive and stress free as possible. Don’t wait until you are feeling really overwhelmed. Come as soon as you think you may need some support.

The academic services center has four sections

  1. The Advising Center (Part-time and BGS students have advisors with Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning.)
  2. Math Achievement Center (MAC)
  3. Tutoring Services
  4. Writing Center

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