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Instructors must file a form with the Registrar’s Office indicating the reason for the “Incomplete,” the work which the student must finish, and the time by which it is to be completed. A copy will be given to the student, and it is each student’s responsibility to complete the work within six weeks after the beginning of the first full semester following the granting of the “Incomplete.” If grades are not submitted by the deadline, an official grade of “F” will be recorded. In unusual cases, an instructor may request from the appropriate dean an extension of time. To assist students and instructors in evaluating circumstances justifying the granting of an “Incomplete,” the following represent sample cases in which an “Incomplete” will not be granted:
1. Students missing the final examination and carrying “F” at that time.
2. Students asking to improve their grades by doing extra work.
3. Students requiring additional time to complete regularly assigned work, in the
absence of a clearly defined emergency.


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