Off-campus – Sub Base

Eastern SOCNAV

For over twenty-five years Eastern Connecticut State University has provided educational opportunities to sailors at the Naval Submarine Base Groton. Initially Eastern ran a very popular videotape program designed specifically for those sailors on deployment. Currently, courses for the the Bachelor of General Studies Degree with a major concentration in Management are available to students at Eastern’s Groton site.


Eastern Connecticut State University is a Service members Opportunity College (SOC). Eastern participates in the SOCNAV program. Service members Opportunity College (SOC), is a consortium of national higher education associations that functions in cooperation with the Department of Defense (DoD), the Military Services including the National Guard, and the Coast Guard to help meet the voluntary higher education needs of service members.

Eastern is a member of the SOC Degree Network System which includes approximately 160 colleges and universities that provide enhanced educational opportunities for service members and their families. Once a service member signs a SOC contract with a university and completes that university’s residency requirement, the university agrees to allow the service member to transfer back any additional credits to complete the degree.

Convenient Site
Take required courses at Eastern’s convenient Groton site, located at 591 Poquonnock Road, Exit 87 off I-95.

Tuition Assistance is available. Contact Eastern’s Coordinator on the Sub Base for details.

A minimum of ten courses are required from Eastern for residency.
“Non-classroom” options are available, such as CLEP and DSST tests.
Some online courese are available.
Transfer back any additional credits needed from other approved SOC colleges.

For more information, contact

Phone: (860) 465-0206