Louise Guarnaccia Scholarship for Eastern Women over 25

Louise Guarnaccia Scholarship

For current Eastern students only:
Are you a female student age 25 or older who lives in Windham County, is in good academic standing, and in financial need?  Consider applying for financial assistance through the Louise Guarnaccia Fund. Both full-time and part-time students that meet the eligibility can apply. This fund provides small grants to women who are needing financial assistance to help pay for books, tuition, and unexpected bills that may inhibit a woman’s ability to attend school.  If you are thinking of applying for the Reverse Internship this Winter Session 2019, this funding could also assist you with paying for the tuition for it.  Please see the attached guidelines & application form for more information.

Louise Guarnaccia Guidelines                                     Louise Guarnaccia Application Form AY 18