Information For Commuting and Part-time Students

Information & Where To Study For Commuting, BGS and Part-time Students

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Resources (aka a place to sit down and breathe or study or talk with friends):

Our study recommendations:


Webb 4th Floor:

Equipped with vending machines, PCs, Macs, printers, scanners and nearly all software required for class.

4th Floor3rd Floor






Science Building:

3 nooks located on each floor of the science building, some equipped with vending machines. There are no computers provided but there is good access to WiFi and plenty of places to plug in a laptop.

4th Floor (2)





The library cafe is located on the first floor with places to sit and a variety of food and drinks to purchase. For a more quite environment , the third floor is recommended, or a student can ask to use one of the library study rooms.

2nd floor library 5 2nd floor library 4 2nd floor library 3 2nd floor library 2

For more information on places to study:

Getting Involved:

Inquire at the desk on how to reserve Study Rooms in the Library for Individuals or Groups!