How to Audit a Course

How to Audit a Course

Persons who do not wish to register for credit may be permitted to register as auditors under the following circumstances: they pay the regular fee; obtain written consent of the instructor and their adviser; audit only courses for which there are adequate classroom and laboratory facilities; and, if a full-time student, carry a minimum of 12 credits of non-audited courses.

Students who audit courses should do so with the intention of attending all class sessions and fulfilling work agreed upon in advance with the instructor. Audit status may not be changed to credit status. A student may take a course for audit that previously had been taken for credit. Auditors are subject to any academic conditions mutually agreed upon in advance by instructor and student. Audited courses may be taken for credit during a later semester.

It is the student’s responsibility to return the course audit contract with appropriate signatures to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline date. The “AU” designation will be placed on the transcript for a course placed on audit.

In order to have a course(s) audited, use the course audit form.

Senior Citizens

Permanent residents of Connecticut who are age 62 or older with positive identification are entitled to have tuition waived. The registration fee of $40.00 is not waived. For non-matriculated senior citizens, waiver is granted on a space available basis during in-person registration. This waiver does not apply to EasternOnline courses.