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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, the historic centre of Florence became a World Heritage Site in 1982.

The city is known for its history, art, and architecture.

Florence, Italy

June 29 – August 1, 2010

ENG 365 05

Eastern Connecticut State University English Program

Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

Student writers Kate Harner, Joelle Lombardo, and Christine Smith climbed the Duomo the other day. “To get to the top, we had to walk up 463 steps. It’s an adventure because all those stairs were etched into stone hundreds of years ago, and there’s little room in which to move. Many times, we had to get pretty close to other tourists in order to squeeze through the dark, claustrophobic staircases. The view made it all worth it, though. We saw Florence and the surrounding countryside stretching out for miles. All the red rooftops and yellow walls of the buildings were amazing. The hills seem to hug Florence, protecting the city with all their trees. Four hundred and sixty-three steps seemed like nothing compared to that view.”

–Kate Harner


Eastern students enjoying a poetry workshop during their Florence, Italy trip.
Students in Siena Students in Volterra
Students in Gimignano Students in Volterra
Students in Gimignano

Stories by students:
Girasole by:
Kellin Atherton
Vanessa and Nora
Amanda Nagle
By Conor Gereg