Return to College Part-Time this Fall at Eastern!
Classes start August 28

Don’t miss out on the personal touch. At Eastern, you will have a personal, face–to–face relationship with your professors, your advisor in Continuing Education and your classmates!

  • Upgrade your skills
  • Prepare for your next promotion
  • Be ready to shift careers
  • Hone your writing skills, sharpen your analytical thinking, work independently and with others—that’s a liberal arts education practically applied!
  1. Review our course schedule to see what courses are available.
  2. Visit the Financial Aid Office web page for information on financial aid.
  3. Log in via e-web to sign up for courses.
  4. If you've never taken an Eastern course before, click here.
  5. For more information, call (860) 465-5125.
Fall 2013 Brochure (PDF)