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Distance education (online learning) is learning that takes place using a computer and the Internet when student and faculty are not in the same room. Lessons, discussions and tests are completed online.

Would I make a good online student?
Generally speaking, distance learners are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Willing to initiate calls to the help desk or instructor for assistance
  • Willing to set aside regular periods for study

I have heard that online coursework takes much more time than on-ground coursework. Is that true?
Just as with on-ground classes, the amount of work required to complete a course varies greatly by student and by course. The advantage of an online course is that there’s no driving to campus, no parking hassles, and you can work around your life’s events.

What about tests?
Tests are completed online. Generally, they are timed and open book, although this varies by professor. Professors do have access to seeing when you login and how long you have spent online.

What about class participation?
The EasternOnline virtual classroom has chat rooms, threaded discussion areas, webliographies and more. The class participation grade is often based upon how much you contribute to these areas. In polls, 75% of students say that the amount of interaction with other students was either about right or even — too much!

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