About Us

About the Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning

Eastern Connecticut State University through its Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning offers high quality education programs for adults to complete a baccalaureate degree as quickly as possible, capitalizing upon their prior experience and learning.

Fast Track Degree Completion Programs
Evening classes, Saturday classes, Accelerated classes, Online classes. View our Fast Track degree programs now!

Deferred payment option, monthly payment plan through TuitionPay, scholarships, grants, loans, veterans benefits, federal tax credits, employer reimbursement. See Money Matters for all your options.

Design your own Bachelor of General Studies degree or Individualized Major; generous transfer of all previous credits regardless of when you took them; opportunities to earn credit by exam; a long-established Credit for Lifelong Learning Program.

Career Options
More than 90% of recent grads have been placed in jobs. College grads today earn on average one and one-half times as much as those without a degree.

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