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Spring Break 2011 Jamaica
Education Majors

 During Spring Break 2011, a group of Education majors traveled with Dr. Stoloff to Jamaica to learn about and contribute to the education system.  Contact David Stoloff, Education at

for more details.  Flyer


Here are some of their comments:


     We traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica for an educational field experience visiting eight education sites to observe the classrooms and the culture.  Going into the schools I had no idea what the behaviors of the children, the discipline styles, teaching styles, or the overall conduct and accepted behavior were going to be like in a foreign country…. I was given more insight into the differences that our cultural and societal expectations had on the way the students learned.  - Megan Sniffin

     I really enjoyed my trip to Jamaica. I was really looking forward to learning about the culture and education system of Jamaica before the trip. I learned a lot about myself, the other people on the trip and the Jamaican culture from the trip.  One of the most memorable things I learned was about the schools. … Other than the school system, I also learned a lot about the Jamaican culture itself. I liked how relaxed everyone there is. In the United States, everyone is so rushed to get from place to place, but in Jamaica, there are no worries. – Katie Dillon