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Business Information Systems Management (BISM)

At EASTERN you can complete any of several bachelor's degree focusing on Business Administration.

BGS Concentration in Business Information Systems Management (BISM)

Build your individualized major concentration from the disciplines of Business Information Systems and Business Management (BISM). Prepare for a career in the fast growing field of Business Information Systems Management as well as for specialized jobs in Information Systems.

A Fast Track Option is available to part-time and full-time students who have 60 or more credits and are in good academic standing.

Classes meet one or two nights per week in Willimantic.


BISM Concentration Core (18 credits) Suggested Courses:
Subj Crse Title
BUS 205 Information Management
BUS 365

Business Report Writing with Microcomputer Applications

BIS 361 Business Info Systems and Web Technologies
BIS 370 Systems Analysis and Design
BIS 377 Organizational Website and Database Management
BIS 461 Seminar on Information Systems and Business Strategies
Advanced BISM courses: Choose two 300-level and two 400-level courses (12 credits)
BUS 331 Organizational Behavior
BIS 364 Introduction to Social Informatics
BIS 365 Emerging Technologies and Business Applications
BIS 375 Electronic Commerce
BIS 430 Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Business
BIS 440 Business Data Communications and E-Networks
BIS 442 Information Technology Project Management
BIS 462 Healthcare Informatics
Note: BIS 480 Independent Study and BIS 490 Internship may be substituted, with permission, for up to two courses.




1. Eastern’s  LIBERAL ARTS CORE (LAC) REQUIREMENTS                                                       up to 46 credits

  LAC Tier I requirement is waived for those transferring a minimum of 27 credits of liberal arts and sciences course work that includes a math course above College Algebra and English composition.

At least two Tier II LAC courses and the Tier III LAC course must be taken through Easte


2. Your ACADEMIC MAJOR OR MAJOR/MINOR CONCENTRATIONS for the BGS degree      up to 45 credits. See here for available options or design your own BGS degree or Individualized Major. Call the School of Continuing Education for information.

 A minimum of 15-24 credits of your Major or Major Concentration must be earned through Eastern and 15 credits must be 300-level or higher.

One of the two required BGS concentrations must be from a subject in the School of Arts and Sciences at Eastern.


3. ELECTIVES                                                                                                                                    as needed         Utilize previous credits here – no matter how long ago you took them, or apply for Credit for Lifelong Learning.


                                                                                                                                 Degree  Minimum 120 credits


Note:  Within the total 120 credits required for the bachelor’s degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be earned through Eastern coursework.  Students must complete 30 credits of coursework numbered 200-level or higher and 30 credits must be 300-level or higher. 

Students who transfer fewer than 75 credits must also meet Eastern’s University Writing Competency Requirements.