Community Programs


Volunteering has an invaluable impact on local and global communities. In 2013, 62.6 million Americans contributed 7.7 billion hours of volunteer service, worth $173 billion. As college students preparing to enter the workforce, your volunteer efforts offer not only a community benefit but a character-building and networking opportunity as well. Last year, over 1,000 Eastern students contributed over 23,000 hours totaling $573,000 in services to the local community!

Registration for all programs begins on August 1, 2019. Students must pre-register for all CCE programs on  EWEB

Community Programs occur on a weekly basis and are developed based upon the need of the organization and its clients. Volunteers are expected to commit to specific times and days and engage consistently throughout the semester. 

As an additional resource for students interested in volunteering there is a valuable guide (link below) with tips and resources from Online Schools in Seattle. This guide will assist potential volunteers in preparation for making the most of this collaborative opportunity for learning and personal growth in community service. The CCE works with 35 area partner organizations and schools; there are many ways one can make a difference in our region. Contact us to learn how you can join our family!

Student Volunteer Guide