Day of Giving Food Drives

The Mission:

  • This project aims to help those in need by donating money and food to the community by way of the Covenant Soup Kitchen.
  • There is also the Day of Giving event on Thanksgiving day where community members are provided a hot and delicious Thanksgiving meal courtesy of Eastern students and staff.

The Process:

  • Gather food products and monetary donations for the Covenant Soup Kitchen
  • Make signs to explain who we are and what we are doing
  • Pass out flyers with a list of what is needed for donation
  • Talk to people walking into the store
  • Collect donations!

I went up to people and asked for donations. I handed them the flyers that had the items we were asking for, and told them we also were accepting monetary donations. I held up the signs we made in front of the store as well. With the help of all the volunteers, we filled a cart and a box with food.

Lessons Learned:
This program helped me to realize that working together helps to lessen the amount of people in need and will lead us to a better future. It shows that people come together to help their community and the people in it; and it will continue to be beneficial by getting people to volunteer at the soup kitchen, as well as continuing to raise awareness for the homeless and hungry community and asking for donations. This program helped me to understand that volunteering feels good because you know you’re helping someone in need.

To look at photos, check out this link on our Flickr account! Day of Giving