St. Joseph

St. Joseph Senior Living Center


DSCN0984St. Joseph Living Center has an extensive recreational department that works with senior citizen residents to keep them physically and mentally active. The residents love when students come to visit so they can share their stories, socialize, and work with them on arts and crafts. *Note: In order to volunteer at St. Joseph, you must attend a training session, complete a background check, get a PPD test and the flu vaccine. This program meets Monday 1:00-3:00 PM, Tuesday 1:30-3:30 PM, Wednesday and Friday 9:30-11:30 AM.



By: Morgan Maliff, April 28, 2016

While volunteering at St. Josephs Living center, I would interact with the residents by helping them participate in fun and engaging activities.  St. Josephs plans an activity everyday to give residents the option to get out of their rooms and have social engagements with other residents, volunteers, and visitors. Part of my job as a volunteer was to bring residents to the recreation room to participate in the activities. Many of the residents had trouble physically getting to the recreation room to participate, so I would go room to room and ask them if they wanted to join that day. If the resident was feeling up for the activity, I would give them a ride in their wheel chair or guide them with their walker to the recreation room.

Each week the residents would be very happy to see me helping out. They would enjoy making small talk and ask me how school is going. My help would allow the residents to be able to enjoy activities they may not have been able to enjoy with out assistance of others. We did a lot of cooking and craft activities, which need a lot of extra hands because there is a lot to do and many residents would join in for the fun. The resident’s also enjoyed having someone to talk to while they waited for activities and enjoyed being out of their rooms. Many of the residents would talk about how lonely they get in their rooms. They would always be appreciative to have me there and give them a break from solitude. The activities also gave them a feeling of independence, which many residents feel they lost by living at St. Josephs.

The most rewarding part of volunteering was seeing how happy residents would get when they can share their stories. Especially, the residents who do not get many visitors they would be so happy to be out of their room and be able to hear about current events, the weather, and so much more. I saw how moving away from your home and losing much of your independence is not easy, especially after you’ve been independent for so long. It made me understand that residents being able to share knowledge with a young person can help them regain a little bit of the independence they lost.

I learned a lot about myself during the volunteering experience. I learned that sometimes just your time and ear could mean the world to people. You do not always have to donate money or material things for people to truly appreciate you. I learned that the residents all had extremely interesting lives and many moved to Connecticut from various places. I met men that served in our military and had a ton of stories about their experiences serving for our country. It felt great to be valued by the people of St. Josephs both the staff and the residents. I surely will miss volunteering with these incredible men and women.


Courtney Dzurnak, November 24th, 2015

At St Joseph’s, I volunteer there once a week for 2 hours. The facility is an assisted living center for people who are 65 years or older. My mission as a volunteer at St. Joseph’s is to develop a relationship with the residents living in the facility. I give them one-on-one attention as I assist them with what they need.

Volunteering at St. Joseph’s, I saw how easy it was to impact someone’s life and I realized that the residents there rely on our services. Not all residents have family members who visit, and developing relationships with the residents are very important to them. Being at St. Joseph’s also has an impact on me because it always brightens up my day and relieves stress whenever I am there.

Every week I had looked forward to spending my time at St. Joseph’s. Suring my time there, we would play Bingo together and do fun activities to start their mornings. I would begin to assist handing out everyone Bingo cards, chips, and the magnetic wands. I would then work with residents one on one to help them find numbers on their cards.

Doing small favors and devoting for the residents at St. Joseph’s makes a difference in our community and can even change a person’s life. We give them the social interaction they need so that they don’t feel alone there. Volunteering at St. Joseph’s I help make the residents feel they are a part of our community.