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Center for Community Engagement’s Annual Service Expo & Awards


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Service Expo & Awards 2016

            Eastern Connecticut State University is known for its tremendous participation in the helping community. On April 13th the annual Service Expo and Awards, hosted by the Center for Community Engagement, was held at the Windham Town Hall to display the work students have done throughout the community. Each program is displayed on a poster board and judges walk around and get a detailed explanation of the work the program leaders and volunteers set out to achieve. These programs varied from helping adults with developmental disabilities, after school tutoring at Windham High School to providing services for residents at the No Freeze Shelter. The work done by the student volunteers reaches all corners of the community, and as President Núñez states, “At one time it was a requirement, and we didn’t feel it was authentic to have students forced to do community service, and the ones who volunteer should be the ones who are showcased.” The volunteers that participate in these programs demonstrate their passion for helping the community by showcasing their efforts. An example of this passion is Joe Franke, leader of the Tri-County ARC program. His mission is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities with the use of enrichment programs and social activities. “I guess the personal experience is just having that strong connection to this demographic of people and just loving what I do.” Other leaders like Joe share similar experiences and passion for their work in the community, and that is why the Service Expo is the perfect opportunity to share these achievements.

Service Award Winners

Jumpstart Site Manager Alyson Iannicelli presents the Student Engagement Award to Quanece Williams '16.
Melanie Morales '17 presents the Faculty/Staff Community Engagement award to Jumpstart Site Manager Alyson Iannicelli.
Sally Milius and GROW Windham members present the Service Learning Award to Dr. Mary Curran.
Jasmine Carvalho '17 presents Dotti Durst with the Community Partner Engagement Award.
Enidza Torres '17 presents the Outstanding Community Event Award to the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum.
2016 Service Expo Judges
Going Green Award - CT Mobile Food Pantry
Best New Program Award - Tri County ARC
Putting Liberal Arts Into Action Award - Windham Middle School Tutorial Program
Strengthening Families and Communities Award - No Freeze Hospitality Center
Broadening Horizons Award - Vanderman Place
Kids First Award - Windham High School ESOL Mentoring Program
Leadership Development Award - Windham High School Afterschool Program


Service Expo 2016