Reflections on Student Experience

Reflections on Student Experience and Learning

CCE Hands Reaching

Reflection on learning that is derived from direct experience is a critical defining aspect of service learning. At the end of each semester students at the CCE share reflections and observations about their community work. Below is a selection of comments from them that we want to share with you. Enjoy and be inspired!

What is your favorite part about your community service program?

  • Helping people who are having difficulties
  • Interactions with clients and changing perceptions of addicts
  • Seeing the same kids each week and how they look forward to seeing you
  • Helping the community makes me feel good
  • Nice to get off campus and do something else in town
  • Breaking stereotypes of the homeless
  • I liked the crafts that were made and reading stories to the kids
  • Talking with sweet kids, getting to know them and seeing how they trust you
  • Working with other CCE students to help improve student weaknesses
  • Just talking with the elderly
  • Interacting with high school kids who don’t hide who they really are
  • Seeing the diversity in the schools and building bonds between different students
  • One-on-one homework help
  • I get to gain experience, have fun and understand students
  • Being a positive role model for someone who is unsure
  • Having a baking day with cupcakes or cookies and wearing pajamas together
  • Trying something new and seeing what happens
  • Helping with homework and seeing when students notice their own improvements
  • The feeling of relief we see when we show seniors how to use their electronic devices
  • Gym time and helping kids be good sports about winning and losing
  • Seeing how creative kids can be
  • Sitting in on sessions and hearing stories and life advice from those in recovery


What skills have you used or gained?

  • Better listening and communication skills
  • How to work with different people I am not used to being with
  • How to mentor and be a role model
  • How to be comfortable with an authority role
  • How to communicate in a simple way
  • Patience, patience, patience
  • How to give better instructions
  • Job search skills and how to help students with resumes
  • How to be more empathetic
  • Developing future teaching skills
  • How to work with kids who are much younger than I am
  • Being open minded and non-judgmental
  • Break down complex tasks into simple steps
  • Tutoring skills in different areas
  • How to understand where people are coming from
  • Getting comfortable talking to new or different people
  • How to be a leader and keep the kids in line
  • How to work with diversity and be open to people
  • Learning how to be more verbal and interesting with others
  • How to keep students focused on tasks
  • How to initiate a positive attitude
  • How to work with different age groups
  • How to handle unplanned situations

Childrens Program 3

What impact has volunteering had on you?

  • A big impact, this was empowering for me
  • Not taking things for granted, feeling blessed
  • Learned how to not get stressed over the little things
  • Seeing the level of impact I can make on another was powerful
  • It feels good to devote my time to others
  • Some of these kids have so little, yet they are happy to see us and share time
  • Something to enjoy and look forward to each week
  • Gave me a different perspective on myself and others
  • Gained valuable experience towards my major
  • Made me want to volunteer more for other programs
  • I respect children more, and teachers overall
  • How to be on time and keep on schedule with many activities
  • Made me a better person and someone kids could look up to
  • I saw how students show very little interest in their education, and I would like to help with that
  • This confirmed my area of possible career interests
  • Volunteering was a nice break from school and homework
  • Made me want to make a better connection with my community and learn about the area
  • This took me out of my comfort zone and I liked it
  • A good feeling talking and interacting with kids — they don’t always want to go but once they are there they have so much fun
  • It made me happier to have little buddies
  • It made me want to work with kids even more
  • I don’t want to be a teacher but I like having an impact and being a mentor
  • Listening to stories of people at meetings made me realize how lucky I am and how this can affect anyone
  • Made me realize that I do like working with kids and teaching is the right path for me
  • This has taught me to not judge and for me to keep arms open and an open mind towards all people


What impact have you made in the community?

  • I have shown people in recovery that other people care about them and believe they can become assets to society
  • I see how the kids have an optimistic view of Eastern students
  • I created genuine bonds with students and see how this made them happier
  • I helped seniors understand technology and helped them avoid frustration
  • When there were problems we helped and saw that older staff don’t always do this
  • I became a familiar face and people remembered me
  • Made a real difference with their reading, writing and homework
  • Students were glad to see us and wanted to know more about college
  • Made children aware that there will always be someone there for them, that it doesn’t have to be just family
  • Helped students build more confidence in their ability to learn for themselves
  • We gave the residents hope
  • Helped to break down the language barriers
  • Helping the younger community become the future of Windham
  • Serving hot meals to those that need it — helped organize and run the food pantry