What is Service Learning?


What is Service Learning?


“Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful
community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience,
teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” –The Carnegie Foundation

The Center for Community Engagement provides resources for faculty interested in developing connections with the community to enhance their course offerings and research. Each year over 1000 students provide 20,000 hours of community service in 40 local schools and community service programs.

Eastern faculty offer courses that incorporate projects into the curriculum that are mutually beneficial to students and the community. Students in a wide variety of disciplines gain practical experience and provide valuable service to the local community. Service learning opportunities at Eastern have included:

  • Database development for the Covenant Soup Kitchen
  • Mentoring and stress management programs at local schools and residential mental health hospital
  • Storefront and billboard design for Willimantic small businesses and community initiatives
  • Production of public service announcements for broadcast on local television stations
  • Willimantic community promotional film production
  • Website design and content development projects
  • Business plan design for Willimantic small businesses
  • Building renovation for local non-profit organization
  • Human Resource and board documents and plans
  • Interaction with Latino youth and adults

In Your Classes…

  • Course content is connected in creative ways to our local community via CCE programs
  • Class projects and assignments connect students in this context in appropriate ways
  • Students design and produce materials that also serve as invaluable portfolio material
  • Potential areas for further research, internships and volunteer service are discovered
  • You will have the satisfaction of helping students prepare for work in their field of study
  • Success with service learning is an opportunity for you to advance your own professional goals

Interested? Contact us:

Kim Silcox, CCE Director, silcoxk@easternct.edu
John Murphy, CCE Communication Coordinator, murphyjo@easternct.edu
Nicolas Simon, CCE Faculty Liaison, simonn@easternct.edu
Rodrigo Pinto, CCE Systems and Assessment Coordinator, pintor@easternct.edu

Visit our website www.easternct.edu/cce

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