The Environment

The Environment

Food Justice Committee

The Food Justice Committee (FJC) meets weekly to discuss issues of food justice, sustainable agriculture, and food/nutirional activism. They provide support to local farmers through regular gleanings, manage the Connecticut Food Bank’s Mobile Truck visits to Willimantic, as well as assist in outreach to local students on issues of nutrition, health education, and food justice. Through Sustainabile Weekend trips, the FJC encourages learning about the many ways Connecticut farmers, producers, and consumers work to develop healthy conscientious communitities.

The Food Justice Committee (FJC) was formed in Fall of 2011 by Eastern’s Center for Community Engagement to address issues of food insecurity, poverty and education in the Willimantic community.

The committee’s goals are:

To increase donations of fresh and healthy food to local agencies

To educate the community on how to prepare and cook healthy foods

To develop and facilitate a weekly after school program curriculum on nutrition and gardening

To promote local farmers, farmer markets, eating local and a healthy community

To expand the knowledge of the Eastern community (students and staff) of current agricultural issues

To promote and maintain urban gardens



An interest in issues related to: poverty, inequality, nutrition, food, education, environment, etc.

Critical and analytical thinking skills

Ability to manage time and balance academic life with extra-curricular activities

Willingness to learn, grow, and have fun

Knowledge of or interest in program

Being pro-active and assertive


Time Commitment:

Demonstrate commitment by attending FJC meeting, Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00pm in the Student Center Room 113

Willingness to participate in events sponsored by the FJC
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Community Clean-Up Team

The Community Clean-Up Team is entering thier first year this fall of 2012! The Team meets weekly to work on an area of Willimantic that is in need of attentive gardening and care. As the semester passes, the Team will witness the piece of land go from overgrown and unkempt to an area that can support tendered gardens for community members to enjoy. The Team also partakes in a monthly project to assist local community members in areas of indoor/outdoor renovation, gardening, or beautification.

Program Information

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