Programs for Adults

Below is a list of programs in which Eastern students have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the education and well-being of adults.

Beckish Senior Center

Beckish Senior Center is the hub for senior services in Columbia, CT. The center is a place where Columbia and Connecticut senior citizens can socialize and participate in a variety of activities such as games, art workshops, physical fitness sessions and meal-on-wheels lunches. The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) will be leading sessions on how to use computers and iPads. The session will include a combination of short computer lessons and one-on-one tutorials with the college students. The program will run on Monday from 1:00-2:30 PM. REGISTER HERE

Collegiate Health Service Corps at First Baptist Church

Guests of the First Baptist Church are generally homeless and/or very low income earners with mental illness and substance abuse problems. They often cannot or do not access health care for many reasons. This program aims to fill these gaps in health literacy by providing medically under-served populations with health education demonstrations during their dinner period. Specifically, volunteers are promoting the concepts of wellness and disease prevention for the clients and their families. The clients are also shown how to access care in their local medical system. Student undergo a five hour training prior to begin the program and are allocated one hour per week for curriculum planning. This program is coordinated by Eastern Area Health Education Center and students will participate in service-learning activities supervised by their coordinator. The program meets on Tuesdays from 4:45- 5:45 PM. Mandatory core training date/time TBD. REGISTER HERE

Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR)

The Connecticut Community Center for Addiction and Recovery strives to “put a positive face on recovery” by connecting Eastern students to local residents who are recovering from a life altering drug and/or alcohol addiction. Students have the opportunity to assist CCAR members in applying for jobs, building their resume, practicing interviewing skills, etc. Additionally, students will be able to lead workshops that apply to his or her major. Available volunteer shifts are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:30-2:30 PM. *Note: In order to volunteer at CCAR, volunteers must attend a training session and complete a background check. Training is provided to volunteers before they begin attending the program. REGISTER HERE

Covenant Soup Kitchen

The Covenant Soup Kitchen’s mission is to address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs of those that come through their doors by providing not only food, but an environment of care, love, support and safety. Volunteers assist in greeting clients, preparing and distributing meals and attending to the needs of the clients. The Covenant Soup Kitchen is located at walking distance from campus. The CCE will sponsor two volunteer shifts at the Covenant Soup Kitchen on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Other volunteer opportunities may be available from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. REGISTER HERE

EASTCONN ESL, English as a Second Language Tutoring 

EASTCONN is a public, non-profit, regional educational service center. Through this program, volunteers assist with in-classroom activities, tutoring, and curricula led by an instructor teaching language and life skills to English Language Learner (ESL) adults. The class instructors implement a variety of conversational and interactive activities that enable ESL students to improve their English language skills while learning about a variety of subjects such as civic engagement, community resources, and parenting skills. Most of the ESL students in these courses are first or second generation of Spanish language speakers.

Volunteers have the opportunity to interact with individuals from different cultures, teach English, practice or develop their personal and professional networks. Volunteer are not required to know or be proficient in a second language. CCE shifts will take place at Windham High School Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM. Other times are available, contact CCE staff for more information, REGISTER HERE

No Freeze Hospitality Center

The Windham Region No Freeze Hospitality Center, Inc. is an agency dedicated to providing a safe and warm overnight space for individuals experiencing homelessness during winter months. In addition, No Freeze connects adults experiencing homelessness to local and regional services. Volunteers assist staff with sign-in protocols, distribution of showering supplies and bedding. Volunteers take a great part in socializing with guests, making them feel welcome, playing games, assisting guests on the computer and filling out forms. Volunteers are welcome to bring their personal interests and talents to engage with the guests. Volunteer opportunities are available during one or more of the following times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00-10:45 PM and on Sunday from 1:00-5:00 PM. In addition, volunteers can develop projects to advocate in our community about issues affecting the homeless persons. Activities can be held at the shelter, in the community or on campus. REGISTER HERE

St. Joseph Senior Living Center

St. Joseph Living Center has an extensive recreational department that works with senior citizen residents to keep them physically and mentally active. The residents love when students come to visit so they can share their stories, socialize, and work with them on arts and crafts. *Note: In order to volunteer at St. Joseph, you must attend a training session, complete a background check, get a PPD test and the flu vaccine. This program meets Monday 1:00-3:00 PM, Tuesday 1:30-3:30 PM, Wednesday and Friday 9:30-11:30 AM. REGISTER HERE

Tri-County ARC, Inc., Columbia, CT

Tri-County ARC, Inc. is a non-profit agency providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Tri-County ARC accomplishes this through a person-centered team that fosters Advocacy, Resources and Community. To this purpose, Eastern volunteers implement interactive and social activities with the adults participating in the program. some examples of these activities may include musical and dance events, fun exercise sessions, science projects, arts & crafts, sensory games, cooking and more. The program meets on Monday 9:30 AM-11:30 AM.  REGISTER HERE

Vanderman Place

Vanderman Place is an age 65+ residential community that provides short and long term care to its residents. Volunteers aid in the therapeutic recreation department, especially for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Students can aid in giving them constant interaction and stimuli. The goal is to help all residents feel welcome and involve them in the multitude of activities.  This program meets Mondays from 1:00-3:00 PM and Tuesdays from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. REGISTER HERE

Windham Special Olympics Swim Team

Windham Special Olympics train teens and adults with special needs in swimming. Volunteers assist swim coaches with their team practices. Volunteers will be paired up one-on-one with the athletes. Volunteers need to be able to swim. The programs have coaches in the water as well and on the deck at all times. Lifeguards will be on site throughout the entire program. The program meets on Tuesday 6:30-7:30 PM and a training will be held in the Student Center date and time TBD.  The activities are held at Windham High School which is located walking distance from Eastern, across High Street. Transportation will not be provided. REGISTER HERE

Windham Area Interfaith Ministry

Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM) uplifts and unites the community by providing caring services and resources to meet the needs of the community. They provide clothing, furniture, appliances, linens, career clothing and emergency financial assistance to over 8,000 people each year from Windham and twelve surrounding towns. Volunteers will be assigned responsibilities by WAIM’s Volunteer Coordinator. These responsibilities could include assisting the staff with various duties, client check-ins, sorting clothing and donated items. Volunteer opportunities are available 9:30–11:30 AM on Wednesdays and Fridays. REGISTER HERE


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