Civic Action Conference 2018



“Community-based research provides opportunities to examine current societal issues through nontraditional research methods. By working with a faculty member on a community-based research project, students gain invaluable practical experience and are able to demonstrate their skills through conference presentations and publications. For students, every hour in the community is worth twenty in the classroom.”
– NANETTE TUMMERS, Assistant Professor, ECSU Department of Health and Physical Education

The focus of this year’s Civic Action Conference is on volunteering in the community, civic action, service learning, and research in the community. We encourage all faculty members to present at the conference on your work and the work of your students. The five themes of this year’s conference are:

  • Writing assignments to promote Civic Behaviors
  • Higher Education as a Public Good: The civic dimensions of volunteering in the community, service learning, & special projects
  • Pedagogy of Service Learning, Pedagogy of Civic Engagement
  • From Students to Professors: The Meaning of Service of volunteering in the community, service learning, & special projects
  • Assessment Models and Assessment Strategies to measure impact on Students, Faculty, Department, Curriculum, the Institution

INTERESTED PRESENTERS: please submit an abstract and a take away. Based on the interest we receive, we may include other themes. If you have a topic outside of the existing themes, please do send your abstract, and the committee will review it. If you have any questions or are interested in encouraging your students to volunteer in the community, developing a service learning opportunity, or creating civic action projects related to your curriculum, please contact the Committee: Kim Silcox, Nicolas Simon, John Murphy 

Please take a look at last year’s conference on the link below:

2017 Civic Action Conference Videos

If you have comments or suggestions or ideas for potential engagement activity do not hesitate to contact the CCE. Our doors are wide open!